This semester I registered to a subject called IT project Management, in short, it is called PMIT. This subject is quiet interesting subject in which it teaches us a lots. I will share about the tips in later post.

For introduction, Our lecturer name is Masita Abdul Rahman, she is a part time lecturer who aslo holds position as Deputy Director of  Information Technology Division in the same university which is IIUM. She’s quite experieced person and this is the first thing I like about this course. Someone who teach theory based on the technical experience that she has.

The advantage of having a lecturer who has been in a real field is that he or she can relate directly the real situation into theorotical part of the subject. Indeed, Mdm Masita did that in her class. That makes me not hesitate to ask question about the real world of the field.

The course is all about management, from I can see that the best management teacher is our prophet Muhammad (pbuh), and it is quite unpolite to talk about management especially human management without referring to the “teacher”. So, the drawback that I can see from the course is that it is full of westerns theory without relating to the Islamic theory. This is only my humble opinion. The relavancy of the opinion is somehow subjective.

Although our syllibus is mainly based from the book, we should also include explicitly some of the great theory from Islam to show our generation that our theory is better than this if we implement it correctly. So that our next generation will not forget about our best time once ago.

The method used by Mdm Masita in class is very good. Honestly, I cant think any other way to improve it except for the lecture delivery but this is actually depends on a person and I believe Mdm did her best in that part. Its now back to the student to take full benefits of it.



Everytime I try to write in this blog, I feel like Im going very far inside my mind and my heart.. I let them talk “ala kaifuh” ….. while they talk, my eyes will just “berkerut” for the feeling to take part…..

When “they” start talking… they fight each other… Mind- heart- mind- heart- mind- mind- mind -heart- heart, ….
This is one possible combination of sequence of describing how they fight… there is no specific algorithm for it thats why the writing looks unorganized like someone said = “Your writing is just not organized”.. and it is full of grammatical and spelling mistakes….. like some other said “You are ministry of educasion”…

I will try to improve that… while improving, Im writing on this new blog.. which only emphasize on my mind not heart… I hope the mind will not feel lonely without the heart to fight with…
the link of the new blog is

May Allah bless us…

Today’s phenomenon impact on Malaysia

Posted: February 24, 2009 in politics

Im in the middle of this forum which organized by maaruf club.
I thought that this forum will actually talk about something else, but it talks about politics in Malaysia.

Im not into this..
Im going out..

Fighter or Looser…..

Posted: February 6, 2009 in Fighter, Looser, positive

Sometimes, while you are walking in this journey of life, you need to stop and look back… with a question..
“Am I walking in the right track?”.. “where will this track lead me?”

Examine every decision you made.. look at it very clearly… is it the passive decision or the active one…
From it,
you can see your future… in which side you will be… F side or S side… the F side is for failure and the S side is for the success…

How to do this actually?
-Im sorry, we will continue this later on InsyaAllah-

Agent of change…..

Posted: February 5, 2009 in agent, change, scenario

“Agent of change….” where it came from? from which kind of environment…? from which level of “kasta”.. from which kind of family?……
What is inside them that makes them able to change the condition of this world….
What are the characteristic embedded inside them…. I wonder what were they playing in the age of 9,12,15…… how is the way of his thinking?…. apa yg selalu berlegar difikirannya?….. apakah tindakan nya ? reaksinya terhadap sesuatu perkara?…… yg lebih tepat lagi… bagaimana pandangannya terhadap dunia kini…..

The most important thing is that this world is in the need of this person, but yet until now we cant see any…. what are us?… where is 2*th century of salahuddin?……….. I believe the day will come.. but, i really wanna know how he come… where he will come? what he made from?… dari acuan yang mana satu?…. dari didikan siapa? siapa yang akan beri sumbangan dlm kedatangannya?… will we? will my society?……….

Pernah aku tanya kepada istriku…. “Will the scenario of the world change?, if yes, When?.”… her answer was simple… “The day will for sure come, if not now, then, next generation ….” persoalannya, kenapa x sekarang?.. kenapa kene nnti?…. arent we good enough to make a change?….or our generation is too low quality to produce this agent?….. or we just simply think that its not needed?…..

The conclusion is, whoever this guy, he must be choosen by Allah… from whatever places he came, I believe it the best…… Allah knows better….

It just a thought of mine…

I will start with “hmmm….” and i will end with “thats all”


Life a like a box of chocolate, u’ll never know what you gonna get….. In fact, it is unpredictable… it happens a lot… love most of them….. we plan, design, decide.. but the final decision is not in our hand…. that’s where the intresting part come… :)… not every what we plan is good for us… and not every what we decide is the best for us… our decision is only based on our knowledge, but, our knowledge is not big or wide enough to tell its the best decision ever…. thus, if the plan failed, never regrets…. coz it is how we learn…… failure is the best lesson to improve our knowledge…. up to the point that the knowledge is very wide and the decision become correct decision…..

life is a journey… a journey of learning… mistakes, regrets, happiness, satisfaction, everything is in the purpose of learning…. 🙂 … it is somehow, a preparation for the future.. to make us a better person.. BUT we have to learn from what we went through….

This life is very sweet, too much up and down… it will for sure be boring if it is flat…
thats all….

"Be yourself"………….

Posted: May 23, 2008 in Be yourself
I know that I have to update this blog…..

hmm.. agak bz lately….

hmm.. banyak sgt topic yang aku teringin nak tulis kt blog nie.. tp, feeling menulis x datang2.. yang datang cuma feeling beckp je… hmm…. salah satu topic yang aku nk luahkan termasuklah topik berkenaan dengan motto “be yourself” yang sering diungkapkan….. mungkin dlm post kali nie… bahasa yang akan aku gunakan agak keras… kerana topic nie betul2 buat aku panas…..

Aku sering pertikaikan…. tentang maksud “be yourself”…. aku setuju dengan sesetengah perkara… and aku juga bangkang dengan setengah yang lain.. memang betul la maksudnya kita kene jadi diri kita sendiri… yg perlu berpura2 .. x perlu berselindung… x perlu ada dua muka… benda nie pun mmg la ada disebut dlm hadis nabi.. istilah yang di gunakan dalam hadis tu “dzul wajhain”…. artinya :”sipemilik dua muka”….. benda nie memang lebih kepada attribute bagi seorang yang munafik… yang bila berdepan dengan org2 baik je dia jadi baik.. n bila berdepan dengan org jahat dia jadi jahat…. x der pendirian… and kita x boleh jadi cmtu…..

Tapikan.. bila ckp psl benda nie ada sesetengah org tambah “klu nk jadi baik, jadi baik je la.. nk jadi jahat.. jadi jahat je la.. “…. lebih kurang sama dengan statement “just follow your heart”.. if your heart says i want to eat. just eat… and bile dia ckp dia nak main bola.. just main bola.. benda ni ok bila tiba pada yang baik.. tp bile tiba kat jahat….. boleh ke kita assume benda tu ok juga?… lets say… if someone says…. “i feel like stealing”…. do we have to just let it be? and say “be a thief coz it is yourself”…. goddamit man………… its just like.. you dont have to strive for goodness or follow some constrain that already provided by religion… benda nie sebenarnya yang wat aku panas…..

All of these means …kita x perlu berfikir… apa yang perlu dibuat cuma ikut je kata hati…. klu hati tu rosak… n hawa nafsu yang kuasai… maknanya kita ikut hawa nafsu…. and ikut hawa nafsu nie ader hukum tersendiri yg Allah sebutkan dalam al-quran… Allah bahasa kan nya sebagai “orang2 yang menjadikan tuhannya adalah hawanafsu”…. mengikut segala apa yang ditunjukkan… dengan memberi kenyataan “menjadi diri sendiri”…. kan buruk…

These also implies that we just have to satisfied with the condition we are now….. x perlu lah kita perbaiki diri ke arah yang lagi baik… x perlu cari environment yang lagi baik…. x perlu perbaiki diri psl kita hanya perlu menjadi diri kita yg sebenar je…… boleh dikatakan… manusia nie mesti cenderung pada yang jahat je… psl yang jahat tu sentiasa dihiasi………. so,klu semua org praktik kan konsep ikut je ckp hati… mesti lah hancur …..

Aku rasa benda nie termasuk dlm dilemma… dilemma remaja untuk lebih tepat… diorang selalu gunakan ungkapan tu tiap kali nak wat decision… owh men… kalau lah benda nie jadi budaya yg akan trus menerus ada kt masyarakat melayu…. maknanya melayu menuju kearah yg rosak….. hmm…..

cuba fikir kan hal nie…… set apa yang hati kau nk buat.. then, fikir apa implikasi dia kat diri kau, masyarakat, family, and agama kau…….. hmm